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SimCity Deluxe for iPhone and iPod touch


SimCity Deluxe from EA Mobile lets your inner urban planner run wild.

Take on 7 challenging scenarios and watch out for seasonal disasters — or random meteor strikes. Remake bustling starter cities, and finger-paint landscapes with new Terrain Modification. Instantly see how your city’s shaping up with more optimized and responsive performance.

Bring your dream city to life with SimCity Deluxe!

  • Overview
    • 7 Scenarios to challenge you
    • 7 Starter Cities based on famous locations
    • Updated Terrain Modification — finger-paint water, land, trees
    • 4 distinct seasons -- Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
    • New seasonal disasters and a Meteor Strike
    • Performance enhancements include improved zooming and instant image rendering while scrolling
    • New Building Art
    • City Rotation — view your work from multiple angles