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It's been 5 long years since your "mysterious" disappearance from the skate scene, and in your absence things most definitely have changed. A mega-corporation has changed the face of the city - now it's up to you to fight back and help re-build the skate scene in New San Vanelona.

  • Overview
    • Double the tricks
      Inverts, one-foots, hippy jumps, finger flips, the list goes on..
    • New San Vanelona
      A new look and feel to the city... time to make New San Van a skater's paradise.
    • Moveable objects and off-board~
      Put the two of them together, create your own spots, and you've got sick new game play.
    • Hall of Meat
      Broken bones anyone?
    • New and improved skate.Reel
      It's back and better than ever.
    • Deeper Create-A-Skater
      Make your skater truly your own.
    This title is rated
    This title is rated