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Surviving High School 11 for Mobile


It's an ALL-NEW season! Join millions who are totally addicted to this text-based adventure where your choices change your game. With new FREE stories offered each month, it’s the BEST VALUE EVER, too!

Play a variety of episodes with new characters, choices, and challenges. Throw the best party ever, deal with a big break-up, ace pop quizzes, and more! You control the action, but remember, some choices are wiser than others.

Seriously. Surviving High School 11 is the best yet!

  • Overview
    • Guy and Girl Storylines — Play as a guy or a girl, it's your choice
    • Text Based Adventure — Navigate through a humorous and engaging storyline by choosing what you want to say and do
    • Mini Games — Play 2 exciting fast paced mini games that tie directly to the story
    • Timed Questions — Test your academic prowess with timed questions
    • Multiple Endings — Play again and again to relive the game from different perspectives
    • Facial Expressions — Animated expressions with 5 emotions (happy, sad, neutral, angry and surprised)
    • Verizon Exclusives — Verizon customers receive EXCLUSIVE storylines throughout the year!
    This title is rated
    This title is rated