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Transformers: Dark of the Moon for Mobile


ROLL OUT! Play as OPTIMUS PRIME in the ONLY mobile game inspired by the movie, TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON.

Play as the mighty OPTIMUS PRIME or fan-favorite BUMBLEBEE in the only official Transformers: Dark of the Moon game. Get the authentic movie experience and relive epic environments from the movie in 13 intense levels – Chernobyl, Washington D.C., and even THE MOON! Unlock 13 upgradable weapons and unleash your mechanical wrath.

OPTIMUS PRIME needs your help saving the world! ROLL OUT!

  • Overview
    • Play as BUMBLEBEE or OPTIMUS PRIME - Engage in intense robot combat or change into vehicle form to defeat the Decepticons
    • Enjoy 3 Difficulty Levels - Easy, Normal, Hard
    • Explore 5 locales - Chernobyl, The Moon, Atlantic City, Washington D.C., Chicago
    • Fight through 13 levels
    • Survive 5 menacing boss battles
    • Score with special achievements
    • Unlock 13 upgradable weapons