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Ultima Forever™: Quest for the Avatar for iPad and iPhone


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WELCOME BACK, AVATAR!  The legendary Ultima series continues in Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, building on the illustrious 30-year legacy of the franchise.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar is EA Mythic’s new free online, multiplayer, co-op action RPG. Embark on epic online adventures with friends and begin your quest to defeat The Black Weep and become the Avatar.

Immerse yourself in the huge world of Britannia – enter dungeons, defeat enemies and win epic loot, or speak to the hundreds of NPCs that inhabit the towns. 

Ready to become the Avatar of Renown?  Experience the best RPG to hit mobile today, for FREE!

  • Overview
    • Play the legendary RPG for FREE
    • Personalize your adventure with special abilities, epic gear and cosmetic items
    • Choose your actions wisely as every choice has a consequence
    • Enjoy hundreds of hours of quests and dungeons
    • Embark on epic adventures across a vast open world
    • Explore dungeons and defeat enemies in fast paced, co-op action combat