EA History

In 1982, Electronic Arts was founded by Trip Hawkins who considered interactive games a new art form and their creators, artists. Trip and a group of visionary friends established EA on the principle that interactive media was more interesting than passive formats and that one day “software worthy of the minds who use it” would be more important than traditional media like films and television. “We see farther,” we proclaimed, with faith that Moore’s Law, the engine of Silicon Valley, would one day provide the power to put “real life in a box.” We asked, “can a computer make you cry?” and invited the new faithful to “join us.”

Thirty years have passed, and many of the dreams have come true. Video games are now one of the most influential forms of media and have surpassed traditional media like music and box office film in revenue. Game designers are renowned worldwide as creative leaders. Top universities have pioneered successful degrees in game development. Video games are enjoyed at home on gaming consoles and PCs and on-the-go on smartphones, tablets, laptops and handheld gaming devices. Video games have also become highly social activities, not the single or two player experiences from so many years ago. In short, video games, once considered a passing fad, are here to stay.