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eng_art_WiiU-EA_background.jpg POSTED ON 16/11/2012

EA Wii U Launch Lineup

This week, Nintendo starts the transition into the next generation of home console hardware with its release of the Wii U. Nintendo has taken the already popular Wii, enhanced its internals to be more competitive with other high-definition consoles, and has added the Wii U GamePad—a touchscreen controller that feels somewhat like a fusion of a traditional controller, the Wii Remote, and a tablet.

At EA, we publish and develop titles across pretty much all platforms, so with the launch of the Wii U, we’ve taken some current titles and adapted them to Nintendo’s newest hardware just in time. Here’s a rundown of the EA titles that are now available and can be in your hands when the Wii U formally launches this weekend.


FIFA 13 Wii U

With the newest edition for the Wii U this game makes the most of the system’s distinct GamePad with some pretty creative features like “Lift and Look,” which lets you have a player’s-eye view of the game simply by lifting and looking through the screen on the GamePad. The “Shake and Shoot” feature allows you to activate the shooting zone and take precise shots in a physical and intuitive way, and the “Tap and Tackle” feature allows greater control of your defensive options.


Social features also let you share your triumphs and compete in online ranked seasonal play. This is definitely one of those titles that is able to move a step beyond what was already a pretty amazing game--thanks to the Wii U’s innovative and intuitive technology.



Madden has long dominated the digital football arena and for good reason. Now it takes its signature physics and realistic play style to the Wii U—making full use of the platform’s touchscreen capabilities. Active play calling, defense assignments, and audibles are all controlled from the touch screen on the Wii U GamePad. A completely redesigned passing game and more intelligent defense round out the mechanics for an overall smoother game experience.


The graphics look amazing, since the Wii U supports full HD, and complete with all-new commentary, the entire experience is something to behold.


Along with the play mechanics and graphics, the Madden team have added a host of new features like the new Game Changer mode, which lets you alter the physics and rules of football to help out your team (if you earn enough points).

With all the updates, extras and enhanced gameplay for the new system, this might be the closest you can get to actually being on the field yourself.



Bioware’s intense science fiction blockbuster gets an update for the Wii U platform. New features made specifically to interact with the Wii U hardware allow you to take control even more as you lead your loyal squad across hostile foreign worlds in a desperate final attempt to unite the galaxy and defeat the Reapers. This updated version also features additional missions, weapons, and characters for both the single-player and multiplayer adventures, plus an Extended Cut of the ending and an interactive backstory (to fill in for the decisions made during Mass Effect 1 and 2).

The game combines deep RPG elements and authentic, sympathetic characters with intense firefights across a vast and richly imaginative galaxy ripe for exploration. It definitely earns its place as one of the top sci-fi game experiences.