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ao2_devils_cartel_news_image_582x200.jpg POSTED ON 14/08/2012

First Look at Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel

Announced a few weeks ago at Summer Showcase, today at gamescom we got to see what Army of TWO the Devil’s Cartel really looks like with a new trailer and live demo that has Alpha and Bravo working together in the heart of the Mexican drug wars.

This latest installment in Army of TWO is being developed by Visceral Studios – the same studio who delivered Dead Spaceandthe game is designed to bring an intense, immersive, high-quality experience. The more you work together as a team the more you’ll be rewarded with features like Overkill that let you and your partners bring massive destruction to anything in your way for a short period of time.

Check out the trailer below

  • Ao2: The Devil’s Cartel Ao2: The Devil’s Cartel

    Visit Ao2: The Devil’s Cartel game info page to learn more about the game.