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simCity-news.jpg POSTED ON 23/04/2012

Insider's Look at SimCity’s New Simulation Engine

In SimCity you can create a unique city each time you play by specializing in a specific industry. Build a casino resort and watch as your city becomes a major tourist attraction, invest in schools and become an educational enclave or transform to a manufacturing powerhouse that fuels your region.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be giving you an inside look at GlassBox, our new simulation engine. By the end of this four-part series, you’ll understand how this powerful simulation engine works, how it will affect your gameplay experience and what it means when we say, “What You See Is What We Sim.” Here we go!

SimCity Insider's Look GlassBox Game Engine - Part 1

SimCity Gameplay Lead Dan Moskowitz describes the concepts of Resources, Units, Maps, and Agents and how they affect the complex simulation behind SimCity.


SimCity GlassBox Game Engine Part 2 - Scenario 1: The Economic Engine

Dan Moskowitz describes the Economic Loop for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial zones in the game.


SimCity GlassBox Game Engine Part 3 - Scenario 2: Water

Learn more about the ins-and-outs of the water system from Maxis' Gameplay Lead Dan Moskowitz. Are you ready to break ground on your cities water system?

SimCity GlassBox Game Engine Part 4 - Scenario 3: Fire

SimCity Gameplay Lead Dan Moskowitz describes the creation and spread of fire in the game.

SimCity for PC is in development at the world-renowned Maxis studio in Emeryville, California and is slated for release in calendar year 2013. It has not yet been rated by the ESRB.