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Keyartcrop_news.jpg POSTED ON 4/10/2012

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation Pack Now Available to Multiplayeur Fans for Free

Mass Effect 3 ups the ante with its multiplayer mode by delivering the brand-new downloadable pack, Mass Effect 3: Retaliation on October 9.

Available at no additional charge, Retaliation adds treacherous new environmental dangers to six existing maps, introduces the infamous Collectors as a new enemy type and adds a whole host of new class kits for players to experiment with.

The largest multiplayer pack to-date, players now have the opportunity to unlock 3 deadly new weapons, 9 new equipment upgrades, 16 unlockable class kits along with a new multiplayer feature which challenges players to complete various multiplayer assignments and feats of strength to unlock titles and banners to display in-game.