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    POSTED ON 11/12/2012


    In October, Maxis debuted the first all-gameplay strategy video where Lead Designer Stone Librande gave you the first look at the inner workings of SimCity. - You not only learned that roads are the foundation of a successful city, but you also learned the basic infrastructures needed to start growing a city. When Stone left off, he was just beginning to build out a tourism city using casinos. Today he’s back and he’s showing you some advanced strategies for growing his casino city using Multi-city play - one of the crowning achievements in SimCity.

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  • POSTED ON 23/04/2012

    Insider's Look at SimCity’s New Simulation Engine

    Over the next few weeks we’ll be giving you an inside look at GlassBox, our new simulation engine. By the end of this four-part series, you’ll understand how this powerful simulation engine works and how it will affect your gameplay experience.

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  • POSTED ON 6/03/2012

    SimCity Announced For 2013

    Maxis Announces the Reimagining of the City-Building Simulation That Launched a Genre

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