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lunar lakes news header 723x250.jpg POSTED ON 16/02/2012

The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes Lands Today

Pack your astronaut ice cream and your coziest moon boots, because the latest world for The Sims 3 is leaving Earth far behind.

Announced just last week, Lunar Lakes opens up a whole new planet for your favorite Sims to play on. Explore an alien landscape of Euclidean lakes, where great domed parks and space-age structures have made a hospitable home for local Sims.

Built around the hulk of the Sims’ crashed space ship – the vehicle that took them here several generations ago – Lunar Lakes is a lesson in city planning symmetry. Choose a home in the futuristic colony before setting off to explore. From forests filled with mushroom-shaped trees to deep mines veined in soft-glowing crystal, there’s plenty to see – and question – in this brave new world.

Ready to colonize? Pick up Lunar Lakes from The Sims Store and start playing today!

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