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sims-social-career-news.jpg POSTED ON 22/03/2012

EA/Playfish Brings Jobs To Millions Of Sims In The Sims Social With New 'Careers' Feature

Sims characters in The Sims Social are finally bringing home the simoleons! Today, EA/Playfish will launch Careers, a new game-changing feature in The Sims Social that gives players a whole new way to engage with their Sim and play with life.

Since its launch in August 2011, The Sims Social, the award-winning free-to-play social game on Facebook, has been captivating players by enabling them to engage with every aspect of Sims’ social lives – from building friendships to falling in love – and now with Careers, players can unleash career ambitions for their Sims and watch them rise to success as they embark on exciting new opportunities.

Questions about our exciting NEW Careers feature? Look no further! Be sure to check out our official guide on careers