RISK for iPhone and iPod touch


Pursue world domination with the ORIGINAL game of strategic conquest.

Capture the grand military style that has fired dreams of conquest for generations of RISK players. Strategize over the world map, attack with a "roll" of the dice, and fortify your advances with the same rule set as the classic board game.

Mobilize against powerful AI opponents, each featuring unique strategies and even emotional responses. Escalate tensions in two Multiplayer modes. Challenge up to 4 of your greatest rivals via Bluetooth or up to 6 with Pass 'n Play.

Attack enemy forces, and transfer and fortify your armies in phased-based warfare. Earn achievements as you crush opponents and dominate territory after territory. Risk all for the ultimate prize!

  • Overview
    • Classic military look and feel
    • Engaging single player mode with strong A.I. opponents.
    • 2 to 4 multiplayer mode via Bluetooth
    • 2 to 6 multiplayer mode with Pass ‘n' Play
    • Accessible In-game statistics to keep track of opponents' progress and relative strength.
    • Extensive list of achievements
    • Music and SFX ambiance to enhance the feeling of battle