LIFE's a party on iPad!

Live THE GAME OF LIFE to the fullest on iPad! Get family and friends together for PARTY PLAY — only with iPad — and make it a game night!

THE GAME OF LIFE for iPad give you lots of ways to play. Take a spin with up to 6 players around the iPad game board in the ALL NEW PARTY PLAY mode and play the game you know and love with friends and family in a cool new way! You can also Pass ‘N Play with up to 6 players, and even go solo. Live it up!

You iPad game board is full of life — for real! Delightfully detailed interactive touches and amazing HD-quality graphics make LIFE more fun! Use enhanced visual controls and zoom out to view the whole game board. Get a different perspective of LIFE!

You can even customize your character by entering a name of your choice and also review your successful LIFE story. Win the game, and then check out THE GAME OF LIFE Journal to see the story of your amazing journey through LIFE — it's an ALL-NEW feature only for iPad!

  • Overview
    • Enjoy 3 ways to play
    • Party Play or Pass N' Play with up to 6 players
    • Play solo
    • Get more characters to choose from and customize them with your own name
    • Access fun, interactive board elements
    • Track your LIFE's events in THE GAME OF LIFEO Journal
    • Zoom out to view the full game board with enhanced camera controls
    • Enjoy the brighter, bolder visual quality you only get with iPad