Transformers: Dark of the Moon for iPad and iPhone


ROLL OUT! Play as OPTIMUS PRIME in the ONLY mobile game inspired by the movie, TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON.

Play as the mighty OPTIMUS PRIME or fan-favorite BUMBLEBEE in the only official Transformers: Dark of the Moon game on the App Store. Get the authentic movie experience and relive epic environments from the movie in 13 intense levels – Chernobyl, Washington D.C., and even THE MOON! Unlock 13 upgradable weapons and unleash your mechanical wrath on bosses like MEGATRON and Shockwave.

OPTIMUS PRIME needs your help saving the world! ROLL OUT!

  • Overview
    • Play as BUMBLEBEE or OPTIMUS PRIME - Engage in intense robot combat or change into vehicle form to defeat the Decepticons
    • Enjoy 3 Difficulty Levels Explore 5 locales - Chernobyl, The Moon, Atlantic City, Washington D.C., Chicago
    • Fight through 13 levels
    • Survive 5 menacing boss battles
    • Unlock 13 upgradable weapons - As you progress through the game