Zuma's Revenge! for iOS


Take on the tikis in the ribbeting Zuma sequel — now on the App Store!

Survive a newly evolved world of Zuma where evil spirits and tiki bosses rule the land!

Conquer over 60 ribbeting levels by firing stone spheres to make matches and destroy the deadly stream of balls. Battle six imposing tiki bosses to guide your agile amphibian to victory!

Can you tame the jungle in this PopCap ball-blasting challenge?

  • Overview
    • Survive over 60 Adventure levels and defeat six Boss Battles
    • Conquer 70 Challenges
    • Track your Zumaic feats in the Tiki Temple
    • Turn up the heat with explosive power-up balls like Cannon and Tri-Blast
    • Leap into exciting gameplay like lily-pad hopping, slide-aiming and more