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    POSTED BY Kate Beall ON Feb 10, 20123 comments

    10 Games To Play This Valentine’s Day

    It’s a mistake to limit “love” to a Hallmark definition, especially when there are so many better ones. Like the love you feel for coffee at 5:00 a.m. on Monday. Or the way you love your BF3 team after you level the field in Gulf of Oman. That’s why today’s Top 10 List goes beyond love in games – to embrace love for games.

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  • POSTED BY Kate Beall ON Jan 23, 20121 comment

    Breaking Into The Industry: Philip Simmons

    Join us this week as we speak with Philip Simmons, one of the talented Environment Artists behind the world of Dead Space 2. We’ll chat about his beginnings as a freelancer, how Dexter came to influence his work on Dead Space, and how he ended up in gaming – despite not being a traditional “gamer.”

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  • POSTED BY Kate Beall ON Dec 19, 2011Be the first to comment

    Brad Lewis: Building A Better Lightsaber

    Coming across Sloth Furnace was a blow to my ego. Not because I’d ever tried to build a lightsaber – my tool skills peak firmly at “power drill” – but because the level of love and craft apparent in Brad Lewis’ creations are something I can currently only aspire to. He is unquestionably skilled when it comes to making props.

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