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fifa-easo-41.jpg POSTED BY Andrea Silvers ON Mar 23, 2012

EA SPORTS News of the Week

While we’ve been trying to figure out what on earth is going on with the NFL this week, we’ve also managed to put out a fair bit of news on our own. And we didn’t even have to put a bounty on anyone to get it done.

This week was our very last Uber. SSX has left a hole in our lives that can only be filled with....more SSX. [Uber Monday]

Madden fans made Sophie’s Choice and axed a member from each team, leaving us with 32. [Madden Top 32]

We worked our butts off to provide you with what’s trending on Twitter. Or at least our intern did. [What’s Trending]

The FIFA Interactive World Cup has numbers. [FIWC]

The NCAA 13 Cover Vote shows us what the past Heisman winners are really like. [NCAA Virals]

Arsenal players find out if they’re Street. [Arsenal Pro Player Tournament]

Tiger tells us what’s it’s like to know Kung Fu. [Tiger Behind the Scenes]

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    2 times i have been leading on x-box live in fifa 12 and 2 times the **** ea server went...and 2 times i get it as a lost game!thanks ******* great!!!
    Apr 7, 2012
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