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generic-header-15.jpg POSTED BY Andrea Silvers ON Mar 30, 2012

EA SPORTS News of the Week

It’s been cover vote madness in the office this week. While we haven’t been able to reach an agreement on who we want for the cover of NCAA 13, Madden 13 or NHL 13, we have put out some pretty awesome news this week.

Get your votes in for the NCAA 13 Final 2 [Vote Now]

Madden fans, we’d like to let you know that after ousting Tebow in the round of 32, you have our attention.   [Madden Top 16]

Tiger had our attention when he notched another win last weekend. His game has kept it. [Tiger at a Glance]

There’s this little tournament called UEFA Euro 2012, and FIFA 12 is now bringing it to you. [Expansion Pack]

The NHL 13 cover vote kicked off and the players are definitely getting involved. [NHL 13 Cover Vote]

Our Madden writer talks a little smack about the round of 16 match-ups. [Don’t be upset]

The Manchester City players work on their Street moves. [Pro Player Tournament]

We rounded up all the tweets from around the interwebs for your viewing pleasure. [What’s Trending]

The Tiger Wood PGA TOUR 13 Scorecard is in. [The Scorecard]


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