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generic-header-13.jpg POSTED BY Andrea Silvers ON Mar 19, 2012

EA SPORTS: What’s Trending March 19

While the Twitter world was abuzz this morning over our pic of Peyton Manning as a Bronco, the last week was dominated by our cover votes and, of course, FIFA and SSX. Instead of forcing you to go on the internet and looking for these Tweets yourself, we’ve spent hours combing the internet for all the latest and greatest Tweets (ok, we didn’t personally do it, that’s what we have interns for). Here are the top 10 tweets from last week.

Want to see your tweet on the What’s Trending Report? Tweet at us and we could pick yours. Did you see a priceless tweet that we missed? Drop it in the comments!

Though we’re probably not going to get around to making an LFL game anytime soon, we like where his head is at.