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ESPNheader.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Feb 7, 2012

ESPN Integration offers a whole new way to play Grand Slam Tennis 2.

Hi! This is Nate McDonald, Producer on EA SPORTSGrand Slam®Tennis 2.

I’m excited to tell you about how ESPN® is integrated, exclusively, into EA SPORTSGrand Slam®Tennis 2. We decided to incorporate ESPN features such as broadcast style presentations, play by play commentary from John McEnroe and Pat Cash, live score and news updates, and ESPN® Grand Slam® Classics mode. These features offer a true-to-life atmosphere while you’re playing, and enhance your overall gaming experience.

The ESPN broadcast commentary by John McEnroe and Pat Cash is full of the same stuff that you’re used to hearing from these two tennis legends: play by play action from Cash, supported by fantastic color commentary from one of tennis’ biggest personalities, John McEnroe. These two have tons of professional tennis experience under their belts and are Grand Slam® Champions themselves. They’ve done and seen it all and their insightful, at times hilarious commentary, reflects that vast knowledge.

In addition,ESPN® Grand Slam® Classics mode will let you relive or rewrite the most memorable moments in tennis.  From legendary matches like Borg vs. McEnroe, to more recent classics such as Nadal vs. Federer. Classics mode includes 25 handpicked scenarios from the greatest matches in tennis, spanning three decades (1980s, 1990s, and 2000s). These scenarios will put you in a critical moment in a match, and have you play through to the end either reliving the great history, or creating a new legendary moment, depending on the scenario.

I remember watching the great ‘Fire and Ice’ rivalry between Borg and McEnroe when I was younger and will never forget the energy of the crowds and fierce competition between the players. I feel that the ESPN® broadcast package really captures those moments and with ESPN® Grand Slam® Classics mode I can now create my own epic matches.

I hope you guys get the same great feeling I got when I watched the power and dedication of classic matches that shaped the greatest moments in tennis while playing the game. I challenge you to create your own memorable moments with ESPN® in EA SPORTSGrand Slam® Tennis 2and share it with us.

Happy Gaming!


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    I can't wait for this game!
    Feb 9, 2012
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    Excited for tomorrow. Pre-ordered shortly after playing the demo and look forward to playing the classics as well as online.
    Feb 13, 2012
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    I love that I will be able to import my EA game face and play as myself online. My EA avatar looks exactly like me ! I just hope some friends of mine create thier avatars and buy this game so I can smash some balls at them online
    Feb 14, 2012
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