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gst2-pro-ai-na.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Jan 27, 2012

Take on a players look, sound and style in EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis 2

Hey everyone! I’m Thomas Singleton, Producer on EA SPORTSGrand Slam® Tennis 2. The game that lets you swing the racquet like a Grand Slam champion for the first time in HD on Xbox 360® or PlayStation® 3. We’ve got Total Racquet Control, MOVE integration, our all new PRO AI system and all four Grand Slams.

I wanted to share with you some firsthand knowledge of our all new PRO AI system, which stands for Professional, Realistic, and Organic Artificial Intelligence. It’s a feature that I’m personally very proud of and I really feel it will offer you a unique and realistic gaming experience alongside the Total Racquet Control.



All the players in the game look and play as close as possible to their real life counterparts, so use their talents to your advantage in the game. You can use an all court player like Roger Federer and a serve and volley player like John McEnroe when you need to attack the net. If you’re looking for a more offensive baseliner, then Rafael Nadal is your man. He’ll aggressively push your opponent around the court from the baseline. On the other hand, if you prefer a defensive baseliner, then you should choose Andy Murray, who will counter attack your opponents shot selection and force them into errors.



The sound and style is as authentic as possible. You’ll hear Sharapova’s signature grunts, and see Rafa’s signature pre-serve routines and forehand swing style, and witness all the other players’ tendencies that make each one of them different. My personal favorite is Johnny Mac’s classic outbursts during matches.

We know that not everyone wants to play just like the pros, they want to incorporate their own tendencies as well, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Along the way the AI will organically change and adapt to your tendencies as well. If you tend to use forehand shots down the line or always serve wide it will recognize the techniques that you favor and adapt accordingly - keeping the excitement on the court alive and swinging!

Watch and play top past and present tennis athletes come to life and win their way to four Grand Slam® titles in EA SPORTSGrand Slam® Tennis 2.


Happy gaming!



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