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Eddie-thumb.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Dec 30, 2011

SSX Character Inspiration Blog – Eddie Wachowski

Did anyone reading really think that we weren’t going to write a character blog for Eddie? I mean, c’mon, it’s Eddie! Well here’s what you’ve been waiting for, but…if you missed the rest of the ‘character inspiration’ blogs, the links are below – take a minute to check them out, they’re pretty cool.

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Here is the Eddie Wachowski special edition SSX Character Inspiration Blog written by Producers Sean Smillie and Rees Savidis –

Rees and I weren’t surprised when we kicked off this new SSX how many fans and people in the studio wanted Eddie back. Seems everyone has a soft spot for this afro-wearing-tall-drink-of-water snowboarder that became famous for his goofy tricks (the worm) and instantly recognizable for his massive grin and eclectic fashion style. 


Eddie to us embodies the type of snowboard bum I’ve become very familiar with over the years – doesn’t matter where you are in the world at every ski hill there’s a guy living in a van in the parking lot, surviving off sugar packets and 99 cent noodle packs and ripping it up every single day regardless of weather or crowds (and doing it with a smile from ear to ear).


Eddie is definitely that guy.  We pictured him couch surfing throughout the ranks of Team SSX (but not at Psymon’s place…no way that would happen), driving his friends crazy and ultimately getting booted out – but not before grabbing whatever articles of clothing he could get his hands on. 


We love the fact that he looks like a walking winter garage sale of items (Mac’s pants, Tane’s vest, Zoe’s gloves, Elise’s…you figure it out).  Eddie is the eternal optimist who only thinks of riding and how to ride more. 



He’s a cheerful explosion of happy ridiculousness, and that’s why everybody loves him.