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WingsuitRaceHeader.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Feb 22, 2012

SSX: A Wingsuit Race

Hey SSX fans!

While you are all trying out the demo and waiting for the game to launch, I thought I would share with you a video clip of one of the most amazing and fun gameplay experiences I've had so far in SSX.

Connor, myself and 4 other members of the dev team set up a Custom Global Event on one of my newest favorite tracks - Vengeance. This is a wingsuit-required drop in the back-country of Patagonia.

We set it up as a 1hour race event, with a steep entry fee (we are all quite rich in credits from playing the game so much) and jumped in.

Like many of the tracks in the game, Vengeance is extremely technical and challenging, with many different paths to take down the mountain.

The event started with everyone simply going their own way and trying to make their way down the track without crashing or dying. I failed 3-4 times before actually making it to the bottom. Very happy our restarts are so lightning-quick and that I could simply quit and restart after smashing into the cliffs!

Then eventually I posted a killer run on approximately the line you see here. Shortly after, Connor scouted and followed my ghost (since I was the leader) and cut a few seconds off my time, putting him in the Diamond Bracket and bumping me down to Platinum. Damn him anyways.

Soon after, everyone else started to learn and follow the line and by the last part of the event we were all racing the same killer line together in real-time, and it led to the kind of intense gameplay we all dreamed the addition of online play would mean to SSX.

This is all courtesy of an online design that not only makes this kind of thing possible, but makes it the norm in Global Events where players usually get more than one shot at a given track. And all with no waiting - just an hour of pure, adrenaline-filled riding. Or in this case flying.Connor's time ended up holding up in the end and he won the event, but I did manage to beat him to the bottom on this epic run and a couple others. Small victories. :)

Now imagine this with thousands of people online and competing simultaneously....can't wait for it!


In the meantime, please check out the SSX Demo - available right now on XBL and PSN - and let us know what you think!