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    POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 9, 2011Be the first to comment

    Hands On With The Sims

    A ring of stations placed right in the center of EA’s floor show off the next great Sims developments, and a video for Sims Social guides us through the possibilities of combining the Sims with our friends on Facebook. In this particular story, the spark of love ignites a wonderful evening for a young couple wining and dining in their Sims neighborhood, all started by a simple, instant message.

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  • POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 9, 20112 comments

    Hands On With Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

    Dim red lighting and stone-carved seating create the perfect dungeon setting to show off Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning. A massive, open world single player RPG, our presenter regretted the limited time he had to show us everything Reckoning has to offer. But what we did see has us yearning for more.

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  • POSTED BY Andy Katkin ON Jun 9, 20111 comment

    Today At E3 - Day 3

    The E3 conference wraps up today, but we’ve still got lots of great coverage coming your way.

    In addition to adding more show-floor photos to our gallery, and publishing new videos from our E3 booth, we’ve also got five awesome live chats to keep you busy.

    We’re dedicating our final day of live broadcast chats to EA SPORTS and we’ll be starting the morning off at 9am with the Lead Producer of FIFA Soccer . . .

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  • POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 8, 20114 comments

    Hands On With Mass Effect 3

    We are well into day 2 here at E3 and the Mass Effect 3 demonstration booth has a line that completely wraps around the closed-door presentation area. Like every single person in line, we couldn’t wait to see Commander Shepard up close and personal on the big display, fighting off Reapers, and demonstrating the game’s advanced battle mechanics.

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  • POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 8, 20112 comments

    Hands On with SSX

    As we take our seats on a bench made out of snowboards, the SSX rep directs our attention to the screen. In place of a standard 2D menu interface, a virtual representation of the globe slowly spins to the right.

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  • POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 8, 2011Be the first to comment

    Today At E3 - Day Two

    We have another great day at E3 in store for you today and we’ll be bringing you more of everything you love.

    Once again we’ll have tons of new pictures from the show floor along with live broadcasts from the talented people behind The Sims 3: Pets, Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3.

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  • POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 7, 20116 comments

    Hands On With Need For Speed: The Run

    Right at the front of the EA booth here at E3, you'll find the Need for Speed: The Run playable demo. The hands-on experience begins halfway through the live demo shown at the EA press conference. You have just knocked out the cops trailing you and stole their car. You speed down the streets of Chicago's financial district and a helicopter, sent in by the mob, is firing from behind you.

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  • POSTED BY akatkin ON Jun 7, 20114 comments

    EA SPORTS Makes Their Presence Known At E3

    Madden 12, FIFA 12, NHL 12, NCAA Football 12, PGA Tour Golf Challenge, and World Series Superstars are all making their presence known here at E3. The key message from EA SPORTS this year is community and fan worldwide connection. Out on the floor Madden 12 and FIFA 12 displayed their Nintendo 3DS, mobile, iPad, and Facebook presence while trailers showing team and fan unity were streaming on the EA big screen. Behind the closed doors, the new features of the 12 titles were the topic of discussion.

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  • POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 7, 201120 comments

    Hands-On with Battlefield 3

    The EA booth is more than just a booth. It's a city of games, and Battlefield 3 is the city's left pillar. It's barely 1:00, an hour after the opening of the exhibit hall here at E3, and there's already a line around the block, so to speak, for the Battlefield 3 demo booth.

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  • POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 7, 20114 comments

    EA + Wii U: Transform Gaming

    Presenting at the Nintendo conference for the first time, EA President John Riccitiello took the stage to present a breakthrough in EA’s relationship with Nintendo.

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