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    POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 20, 201214 comments

    NHL 13 Hits Franchise High In First Week

    NHL 13 is off to an impressive start in its first week since launch with 484,000 units sold to date, a 9% increase in sell through over last year’s previous franchise high. Our fans are really getting engaged in the game with just under 5 million goals scored in the game and over 350 online games of NHL 13 played every minute.With so many of you logging in to skate – we took a look at what the most popular teams are that you guys have been playing with.

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  • POSTED BY EA Staff ON Aug 29, 201211 comments

    Female Players Join the NHL 13 Roster

    For the first time ever in a professional league simulation sports video game, NHL 13 will feature female athletes on the roster.

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