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Travis Header NEWjpg.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Nov 10, 2011

Travis Rice Announced as Playable Character in SSX

If you don’t know Travis Rice yet, well…maybe it’s time we sat down and had a little chat. One of the most popular riders in big mountain snowboarding and star of ‘The Art of FLIGHT’ [watch the trailer here], Travis is the type of rider who has helped evolve the sport, pushing the boundaries of what is truly possible on a snowboard.  Performing over-the-top tricks and reality-defying runs, Travis Rice and company helped inspire the SSX dev team and are partly responsible for the rebirth of the SSX franchise.


Travis Rice recently appeared on the CONAN show, were Conan O’Brien unveiled to the world that Travis would be the first real-world snowboarder to be a playable character in SSX franchise history. Although Travis is the “first real-world snowboarder” to be a part of SSX, he’s not the first real-world character. That honor is reserved for MixMaster Mike of Beastie Boys fame!


It’s a pretty big deal to be a real-world snowboarder in the massive world of SSX! With returning fan-favorite characters such as Elise, Mac, Kaori and cool-newcomers such as Tane, Alex and Ty leading the way, Travis Rice will have a lot to live up to in-game. That being said, check out ‘The Art of FLIGHT trailer and you’ll soon realize that Travis Rice exemplifies exactly what SSX characters are all about.  A super-hero in his own right, Travis spends his days defying-reality, pulling off tricks he has no business pulling off, and tackling some of the craziest, most treacherous runs in the world (Read: ‘Survive It’).


Produced by Red Bull Media House, in association with Brain Farm Digital Cinema, and Directed by Curt Morgan, “The Art of FLIGHT” combines meaningful storytelling and character development with sport progressing action, all captured on state-of-the-art filmmaking equipment


We’ll have more details on exactly how Travis Rice will be introduced into the SSX world in the weeks to come, but we’ve heard that he’s stoked to be a part of it and looking forward to his first descent!


-The SSX team