ea_logos_billboard.jpg GEPLAATST DOOR EA-Team OP 04/27/2011

Video Game Testers nodig in Spanje

Quick fact check on testing jobs in the videogames industry: No, you don´t need a computer science degree to be able to do it. Yes, you do need a passion for gaming, great analytical skills, and a keen sense of observation. Yes, being fluent in English is a must, but being a native speaker of Czech, Swedish, Finnish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Mexican, Brazilian, Danish, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese or Arabic is actually a plus (being a fluent speaker totally counts). And yes, you do get to see, and thoroughly test, a lot of cool games before they are released, especially if you work for a major independent game developer and publisher like Electronic Arts.

And yes, there are positions available.

If you´re at least 18 years old and you´ve always been interested in joining the gaming industry but didn´t know where to start, this is your chance. EA´s offices in Madrid are looking for the next generation of fun, dedicated and skilled people to join our testing team.

Check out our job opportunities portal ( for details and instructions on how to apply. We are looking forward to hearing from you!