SCRABBLE Blast for iPhone


A frantically fun SCRABBLE experience - FOR FREE!

Easy and quick to play, have a real blast with this fast-paced wordplay puzzler based on America's favorite word game! As a special bonus, instantly unlock 2 more challenging modes by simply downloading SCRABBLE FREE from the main menu. That's right! BOOM! You'll get 2 SCRABBLE games FOR FREE!

Make words by quickly connecting letters raining down onto the board in any direction (including diagonally). Don't worry about the rules and scoring system. Just jump into the game and you'll get it! Play in the super-fast Blast and explosive Puzzle modes. Then unlock Classic and Action modes by downloading SCRABBLE FREE from the SCRABBLE Blast - FREE main menu. There's no catch. It's really that awesome.

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  • Overview
    • Enjoy a quick, solo gameplay experience featuring intuitive controls and stat tracking
    • Score as many points as possible in 100 seconds in Blast mode (also available on Facebook)
    • Level up in Puzzle mode, where time- bomb tiles threaten to break your spell – unless you defuse them by using them in a word
    • Score as many as many points as possible with a limited, 100-tile bag in the Classic mode, and watch out for the dropping ticking time bombs in Action mode (instantly unlock both modes when you download SCRABBLE FREE from the SCRABBLE Blast main menu)
    • Choose between a 5x5 or 7x7 grid
    • Intuitive control scheme
    • Statistic tracking
    • Check out leaderboards via Facebook Connect (leaderboards, etc)
    • Listen to music from your iTunes Library while you play