SCRABBLE for Mobile


SCRABBLE mobile spells major fun!

This exciting update of the classic Hasbro game now includes flexible difficulty levels, built-in word list, dynamic animations, scrolling and full-board views.

An easy-to-use interface lets you play alone, challenge the computer in your phone, or enjoy pass 'n play with a friend. Easily keep track of your game scores and statistics. Pause when you have to, and then pick up where you stopped.

Fun new features appeal to both wordplay mavens and casual gamers.

  • Overview
    • Intuitive, simple controls for casual players, plus optional advanced features.
    • Interface makes it easy to choose tiles, form words and see the whole board.
    • AI with multiple difficulty levels makes game fun for players of all skill levels.
    • Solo game mode allows you to play alone against the in-phone computer.
    • Compete against a friend with Pass 'n Play mode, customize the rules.
    • Flexible game options allow for quicker games and different challenges.
    • Track your statistics like best game, best single word and best turn.
    • Use the online rankings to see how you rate against other SCRABBLE players
    • Unique "duplicate" mode allows two players to play the same rack of tiles.

    Features may vary by handset.