1. Sign in to your Xbox LIVE account
2. Scroll to the bing section of the dashboard and enter ‘EA SPORTS’
3. Download the free ‘EA SPORTS™’ application and launch it from your Game Library
4. Purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket for 2000 Microsoft points
5. Early release games can be downloaded through the EA SPORTS app


1. Sign in to your Sony Entertainment Network account
2. Go to the PlayStation® Store and search for ‘EA SPORTS Central’
3. Select and purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket for £19.99
4. Early release games can be downloaded through the EA SPORTS Central

For consumers in the North America, EU, Australia or New Zealand:

1.Access the PlayStation® Store and select ‘Search’
2.Enter ‘EA SPORTS Season Ticket’ in the search bar
3.Select ‘EA SPORTS Season Ticket’ from the search results
4.Purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket for $24.99, €24.99, AUD 39.95 or NZD 47.90




What Is EA SPORTS Season Ticket*?

EA SPORTS Season Ticket is a subscription program that offers subscribers access to over $100 in PDLC across participating titles, digital access to participating EA SPORTS games three days before launch and 20% discount on downloadable content. EA SPORTS Season Ticket has a one-time cost of $24.99 or 2000 MS Points for 12 months. EA SPORTS Season Ticket creates a better gaming experience for our consumers and benefits the EA SPORTS fan who wants to play early, play more and play better.


I've bought my EA SPORTS Season Ticket. Now, how do I get Early Access?

If you have an Xbox 360, you must manually trigger the Early Release download from within EA SPORTS Central.

If you have a PS3, you must manually trigger the Early Release download from:

PlayStation® Store » View All By Title » 'letter of the game title'.


Through Early Access, do I have all of the functionality I have with the retail game?

Through early access you will have full functionality - including online play - with the exception of purchasing additional downloadable content and the Ultimate Team online game mode will only be available in FIFA 13.


Can I purchase the full game directly from my Early Access version?

Yes. For Sony PS3 you are able to upgrade but for Microsoft XBOX 360 users, unfortunately at this point it is not technically possible for us to offer. Here is a step by step process to purchase the full digital release:

  • Boot up the Early Release build after the early access period is over
  • There will be a screen that states that the early access is over, and that you can upgrade to the full game
  • Click ‘purchase’ and you’ll be taken to the Sony Store
  • Walk through the Purchase Process to upgrade to the Full Game
  • When done, the game will reboot and you are all set to go!


*Note that for Madden this function is only available in North America on PS3


I'm curious what PDLC is. What does that 20% discount get me?

PDLC refers to Paid Downloadable Content, which enhances your gaming experience. In NHL 13 for example, you get a discount on all Boost Packs and Ultimate Team card packs purchased with real money. That's an unlimited discount, meaning the more packs you buy the more you save and, more importantly, the greater chance you have at creating your Ultimate NHL 13 team! The type of PDLC varies across the participating EA SPORTS titles but the 20% discount is good on all participating titles. You'll always be getting more content with every dollar you spend. The 20% discount does not apply to DLC purchased with in-game achievement points such as Ultimate Team Card Packs purchased with Coins. Additionally, the 20% discount does not apply to the full game itself.


What does the Premium Web Content benefits give me access to within FIFA 13 Creation Centre?

You will receive free access to web content that other users will need to purchase as FIFA 13 Creation Centre Packs via PDLC. So what are these packs?

All of the below DLC Items

Tournaments Pack
5 Tournament download slots

Career Mode Pack
Use Creation Centre teams in Career Mode by swapping teams when setting up a New Career. Add and play in Career Mode with downloaded Creation Centre league by selecting it when setting up a New Career

Teams Pack
Additional 50 Team creation slots on the website
Additional 24 Team download slots

Yet 10 More Pack
Additional 10 Team download slots

Learn more at


Can you earn achievements/trophies in the Early Release?

Yes. Achievements/trophies you earn during Early Releases (while connected to EA Servers) will unlock once you purchase and log into the EA Servers with the retail version of the game. It's the perfect way to get a headstart on the competition.


Can I use my EA SPORTS Season Ticket on PS3, even though I am buying the EA SPORTS Season Ticket on Xbox 360 originally, or vice-versa?

Sadly, no. EA SPORTS Season Ticket applies only to the console you purchased it on and is not transferable between PS3 and Xbox360.


I am an EA SPORTS Season Ticket subscriber. How do I claim my free Ultimate Team card packs?

When you first go into the Ultimate Team mode after subscribing to EA SPORTS Season ticket you will receive a message along with your first pack(s). From there, one more pack will appear every seven days until you have received all packs as per the content listed for that title HERE. But don’t forget to come back every week because they expire after seven days and once they're gone, they're gone!


Where can I find help if I’m having any problems with EA SPORTS Season Ticket?

For support related questions you can reach out to our Customer Experience team at TBC.


What countries are EA SPORTS Season Ticket available in?

Canada, Mexico, United States, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand (Note that Madden is not available for Sony subscribers outside of North America)


Why is there no PDLC listed for Tiger Woods PGA Tour or NCAA Football?

We have not yet announced the content that will be included for either Tiger Woods PGA Tour or NCAA Football. We will be announcing this as we get closer to their release dates so enjoy the benefits for the other titles and stay tuned.


Are there any other games planned to be a part of the program?

EA SPORTS Season Ticket currently has five participating franchises: Madden NFL, NHL, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR and NCAA Football.