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Game Description

"Rhythm" was the national winner of the Invent A Game Challenge sponsored by Best Buy in partnership with By Kids For Kids.

You play as Rhythm, the hero of the story, in trying to recover the stolen platinum disc from his nemesis Sylence. The loss of the platinum disc has stolen music & color from the world, and converted its youthful inhabitants in to mindless, colorless drones. Rhythm needs to explore the world, use a megaphone to convert drones back to music loving teens, and re-power amps to bring music and color back to the world.

Rhythm can collect new musical genres, which when enabled change the world and allow him to perform special moves. When Rhythm final catches up with Sylence, he needs all of the musical genres to defeat his arch enemy and recover the platinum disc.

About The Contest and Winner

Best Buy and EA Games teamed up with the United Inventors Association and By Kids for Kids to sponsor the first ever Invent-a-Game Challenge. The winner earned a $10,000 savings bond, a $100 Best Buy gift card, a trip to Best Buy and EA headquarters and the opportunity to see his idea made into a free online game.

The winner, Dan Slutz, graduated from Fairless High School 11th in his class. Currently, he attends Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio pursuing a degree in Gaming and Simulation Development Arts.