Battlefield 2 Euro Force™


The battle expands in this first booster pack to 2005’s hit game Battlefield 2.

Continue the fight with a completely new side in Battlefield 2: Euro Force™. Euro Force sees the introduction of the all-new European Army in 3 new maps. Aside from new soldier models, the Euro Force army gets access to new weaponry and vehicles to take to the battlefield with.

  • Overview

    Three New Maps

    • Operation Smoke Screen.
    •  The Great Wall of China.
    •  Taraba Quarry.

    Four New Vehicles

    • Main Battle Tank - Leopard 2A6.
    • Main Battle Tank – Challenger 2.
    • Fighter – Eurofighter (Typhoon T1).
    • Attack Heli – Eurocopter Tiger (Tiger HAP).

    Eight New Weapons

    • HK53A3.
    • Famas.
    • SA80 L85A2.
    • SA80 L85A2 with UGL (AG-36).
    • HK21.
    • Benelli M4.
    • P90.
    • L96A1.

    One New Army

    • European Union.

    One New Award

    • European Union Special Service Medal.

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