Dead to Rights Reckoning

Action-hero Jack Slate and his deadly K-9 partner Shadow, return in Dead to Rights™ Reckoning on the PSP, a third-person action shooter with all new brutal disarm moves, spherical slow-motion diving system, and an arsenal of deadly weapons including Shadow himself.
  • Overview

    More Shadow

    Now use K-9 fighting companion, Shadow, to attack enemies in real-time while you take care of other business.

    New Disarm Moves

    Brutal new disarms moves to take down enemies in the heat of battle.

    Spherical Slow-Motion Dives

    New freedom means that Jack can shift in all directions from one enemy target to the next and take them all out in dramatic fashion.


    Jack's massive arsenal now includes heavy artillery such as rocket launchers, grenades, molotovs, and much more!

    Melee Fighting

    Lightning-fast melee fighting system allows Jack to collect and use melee weapons throughout his environment, including bats, pipes, chainsaws, meat cleavers, machetes and swords.

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