EA SPORTS™ Football Academy

EA SPORTS™ Football Academy is a collection of mini-games and challenges that improves football knowledge in a fun and entertaining way.
Nintendo DS
  • Overview

    Join the EA SPORTS™ Football Academy to build and prove your knowledge of the world’s most popular sport, in a unique fun packed interactive football game that covers all areas of the game on and off the pitch.

    EA SPORTS™ Football Academy features a wide variety of action packed mini games that will test all areas of the game, and entertain the whole family. Your performance in the mini games will be assessed via your Football IQ rating, so you can really see who has the best football brain.

    As well as improving your Football IQ, you have to prove your knowledge on the pitch. Assemble and develop an Academy dream team to take on the best teams in Europe. Collect and trade players with friends as you progress through the game, and get the best team chemistry out of your players. The higher your Football IQ is, the better the players respond to you and the better your team Chemistry will be.

    Once your team is assembled, take them to the Stadium for the interactive match mode and take on the best teams in Europe. Prove your football knowledge by guiding them to victory and make key in game decisions that will affect the result.

    World renowned coach Luiz Felipe Scolari will be on hand as the Academy Master to help guide you through the game and offer hints and tips as you go.

    Build and prove your football knowledge at the EA SPORTS™ Football Academy in a brand new football gaming experience.


    Football mini games
    A range of 14 mini games that test your knowledge and teach you more about the game, from identifying players and teams to understanding formations.

    Football IQ
    Assess your knowledge level and compare it with your friends to see who really is the football expert! Football IQ is a continuous
    rating system that tests your knowledge by how you perform in the mini games.

    Academy Master
    World famous coach Luiz Felipe Scolari will use his expertise and experience to guide you through the game, offering hints and tips on how to become a true football expert.

    Build an Academy dream team
    Prove your knowledge by building up your very own team of superstar footballers. Ensure they play well as a team by making selection and strategy decisions that impact the overall team chemistry.

    Collect and trade players
    Build your team up by collecting new players once you complete a Football IQ test. Get your hands on the players you really want by trading with your friends via WiFi.

    Play with and against the best players in Europe
    Features all the teams and players from the top league in England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

    Player Collection
    As you progress through the game, you fill up your Player Collection. Can you collect every player in the game? As you fill up your Collection, you unlock teams to play in the Match.

    Interactive Match
    Take your team to the Stadium and onto the pitch. Prove your football knowledge and expertise by guiding them to victory against Europe’s top teams.

    WiFi match play
    Compete with your Academy team over Wi-Fi against that of your friends and family to prove who has the best team and football expertise.

    Academy badges
    As you progress through the game, you are given rewards in the form of Academy Badges. See if you can collect them all and complete your Academy training!

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