The 2010 release of EA SPORTS FIFA 11 is the 19th title in Electronic Arts’ FIFA series of video games, and is the world’s best-selling and highest-rated sports game. Featuring 30 officially licensed leagues, 500 licensed teams, and more than 15,000 players, FIFA 11 delivers the ultimate, most authentic global football experience available.

Building on the FIFA 10 gameplay that won 50 sports game of the year awards, FIFA 11 features core refinements that introduce sophisticated ball control, more intelligent attacks, and better positioning. Plus, a series of new customisation tools lets you transform FIFA 11 in new and personally meaningful ways.

FIFA 11: Reinventing player authenticity
FIFA 11 reinvents player authenticity—on and off the ball—for every player and every position. In FIFA 11, players perform as true individuals. With hundreds of moves recorded and assigned to thousands of players, real-world players’ skills on the pitch and physical appearance are authentically mirrored in the game. You’ll instantly recognise your favourite superstars and pros.

Connect to the global community—and your mates
In 2010, EA SPORTS FIFA takes the football experience beyond the console with more ways than ever to play the beautiful game and connect with your mates. Join almost 1 million fans on Facebook for the latest game videos, screenshots, podcasts. Or compete online as you unite with fellow football fans from around the world.

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  • Overview

    Responding to Fan Feedback

    • Improved Passing Physics - “Ping pong passing” has been eliminated. Passing is now dependent on realistic conditions that exist in each specific situation, creating unpredictable results. Goalkeeper AI and Chip Shots will be addressed as well, check back soon for more information on these areas.
    • FIFA Theatre - Save highlights from any match – including online – right to your hard drive to view, replay or upload to Footballworld.com at any time.

    New Gameplay Feature

    • Personality +
      Personality + sees a footballer’s performance on the pitch mirrored authentically in game, differentiated and replicated for every player’s skill-set. New body types and player models will further help identify players. Personality+ at every position on the pitch reinvents how players look, and perform – on and off the ball. Check back soon as we release more information on Personality+.


    • Customised Crowd Chants & Soundtrack
      Import and assign customised chants for every team and league. Your home club’s anthems and chants can now be set to play during the player introductions, halftime, after goals or even in defeat. Set customised chants for your Virtual Pro and hear your name echo in the stands of stadiums like Old Trafford & San Siro. You will also be able to create your personal soundtrack by importing your favourite music into the game.
  • Nintendo Wii
    • New Trick System:Ultra-responsive controls and an easy-to-use trick system give you instant control over your idols. Pull off impossible moves—like rainbow flicks, 360 degree spins, scorpion kicks and more—with relative ease to show you've got the skills to hit the big time.
    • New Shooting Mechanic:The new button-based shooting mechanic puts control back in the users’ hands. New shot types and animations create new ways to score each game. Blast, finesse, chip or tip it by the keeper for the goal that lifts your team to glory!
    • Hit The Streets:Decked out in street wear, compete in 5 versus 5 street matches. Customize the rules of each match for a true test of skill. Plus, a variety of different types of goals, including elevated and mini nets—take challenges to a different level.
    • Exotic Locations:Challenge your rivals in the hottest locales around the world, everywhere from Brazil to London to the streets of France. The stage is set for victory with a soundtrack that brings the culture of the area to life. Plus, for the first time on Wii, test your game in an indoor setting.
    • Wall Play:Use the environment to your advantage. Run up walls to skip past defenders or bank passes to open teammates. Use your angles to deflect shots off the wall and past the keeper for the match-winning goal.
    • User-Controlled Celebrations—Manoeuvre your player around the pitch to perform celebrations after every goal. Plus, unlock hidden celebrations, too.
    • Play With Your Heroes —Every player boasts their own, distinctive style of play with unique abilities to match.
    • Hit The Pitch:Play a traditional 11 versus 11 football match, choosing from over 500 licensed teams from over 30 leagues, and featuring licensed kits and authentic stadiums.
    • In-game Street Power-ups: Build up momentum in your power meter and then activate game boosters at key moments in the game. Choose from power blasts, shockwaves, shoulder barges, big versus little and more. Or turn them off to play a more authentic street style.
    • Tournament Mode: Play in a variety of different offline tournaments to test your skills. Play with your friends, play against them.
    • 2v2 Online Play:Play with a friend against two other gamers online. Play together to reach the top of the International Leader board.
    • Battlefor Glory:  Make strategic decisions as the manager of your club. Set a goal and succeed and your team will enjoy performance enhancements; fail and watch your team’s stats decline.   
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