FIFA Street 2

Battle your rivals with the ultimate display of soccer skills in FIFA Street 2 from EA SPORTS BIG™. Your arsenal of tricks features more reputation-destroying moves to help you obliterate the competition, dominate Skills Battles, and trigger Multiplier Trick moments. Your skill with the Trick Stick determines your survival as you compete against the very best the streets have to offer in FIFA Street 2.
  • Overview

    The Trick Stick Weapon

    Intimidate and disgrace your fiercest rivals by executing an onslaught of tricks—including new juggling moves—using the right analog Trick Stick.

    Skills Battles

    Let loose in one-on-one Skills Battles where both the attacking and defending player use the Trick Stick to counteract each other’s tricks for ultimate bragging rights.

    Gamebreaker Trauma

    Fill your Skills meter by obliterating rivals with tricks, then demoralise your victims with awe inspiring special moves during Multiplier Trick “Gamebreaker” moments.

    Pro Superstars and Street Masters

    Featuring more than 320 pro superstars representing 20 national teams, plus a deeper selection of street masters that reflect the individual culture and style of soccer from their respective part of the world.

    All-New Pitch Creator

    Build and customize your home turf from the ground up. Add your own flair by choosing from hundreds of options, including pitch surface and location.

    Player and Team Creator

    Create your own player and team to form an unbeatable squad, and express yourself with more than 1,000 customisable characteristics including hairstyles, shoes, and accessories.

    Rule the Streets

    Progress through the ranks of underground street tournaments against the street soccer elite. Customise the abilities of your players by mastering new trick moves, or team up with a friend in 2 player Co-op mode.

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