Final Fantasy X-2

FINAL FANTASY X-2 is the latest episode of the FINAL FANTASY series, the most successful role-playing game franchise of all time – which has sold over 45 million units worldwide since 1987. Taking place two years after Yuna's fateful journey to defeat Sin, the once chaotic world of Spira faces yet another challenge when it enters the "Eternal Calm". The people of Spira now shun the teachings of Yevon and have opened their arms to former foes, the Al Bhed and the use of machines. The Machine Faction aims to propagate the use of machina in Spira, going as far as renaming "machina" to "machines" to remove the stigma. However, even with the peaceful life they now live there is emptiness in Yuna's heart that is keeping her from moving on as the others have. One day, Yuna obtains a mystical sphere that contains images of what might be the Blitzball player she thought was gone forever. Although Yuna isn't certain that it is him or if he is even alive, she is driven to seek him out. Yuna needs closure to their unexpected parting, even if only to find out she will never see him again. So begins her journey: this is Yuna's story. While FINAL FANTASY X-2 is a sequel it is, in many ways, a new game. Incorporating several new elements to gameplay, this title constitutes a new approach to the Final Fantasy series.
  • Overview

    Different gameplay style.

    First mission-based FINAL
    FANTASY allowing for non-linear gameplay.

    Female cast.

    Playable characters are all female, including the introduction of a new main character.

    Unique job classes.

    A variety of new and unique job classes such as "Gunner", "Lady Luck", "Berserker" and the atypical "Songstress" have been incorporated into FINAL FANTASY X-2.

    The Garment Grid.

    For the first time in FINAL FANTASY, characters can switch job classes in the heat of battle utilizing the newly created "Garment Grid" system.

    Active Time Battle System.

    A return to Active Time Battle System, speeding up the pace of battles.

    Amazing graphics.

    Stunning transformation sequences, rivalling the summoning of aeons in FINAL FANTASY X.

    Dynamic battles.

    More dynamic movements in battle previously unseen in FINAL FANTASY titles.

    Second New Game Mode

    This new feature allowing a restart of the game from the beginning while keeping all the acquired abilities.

    Changeable storyline.

    Several possible game endings, numerous mini sub-quests and mini-games.

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