Flips The Bubonic Builders

The fun new way for kids to read!

The 2nd book from the The Too Ghoul for School collection by B.Strange exclusively for your Nintendo DSi!

The builders are in to replace the girls' toilet block, but they're more interested in cups of tea and instant noodle snacks than doing any work. James suspects foul play, but Alexander and Lenny are doubtful, until a strange accident hammers the truth home. How will the three friends stop St Sebastian's being reduced to rubble?


This title can now be downloaded individually by following the instructions on Nintendo's DSi Shop.  Please note this DSiWare title is also available as part of the Too Ghoul For School Collection on Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DSiWare
  • Overview

    Add your face to a Giant Spider using the DSi camera.

    Collect items and unlock bonus content as you read! – Spot the leeches, rats, eyeballs, splats, spiders and cockroaches hidden within the pages! Collect them all to unlock extra character information and jokes.

    Character Information and Spooky Sound Effects! – click on the links in the text to pop up more information or re-play a sound effect.

    Interact with the action from the story – Wipe away gunk and goo that appears on screen to continue reading.

    Unlock part of the 4th book – finish reading this book and unlock a 1/3rd of the 4th book in the series. Finish the other 2 titles, to read the whole of book 4.

    Share with Friends – Use the DS wireless connections to share a sample chapter with your friends!

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