Flips Too Ghoul For School

The Fun New Way for Kids to Read!

The Too Ghoul for School collection by B.Strange, exclusively for your Nintendo DS or DSi!

St Sebastian's School in Grimesford is the pits. No, really - it is.

Every year the high school sinks a bit further into the boggy plague pit beneath it and, every year, the ghosts of the plague victims buried underneath become a bit crankier. They kick up a stink by causing as much mischief as inhumanly possible so as to get St Sebastian's School closed down once and for all.

What the ghastly ghouls haven't reckoned on is year-seven new boy, James Simpson and his friends Alexander and Lenny. But is the gang up to the challenge of laying St Sebastian's paranormal problem to rest, or will their school remain forever frightful? There's only one way to find out...

Too Ghoul for School for Nintendo DS includes 8 interactive books on one game card: Terror in Cubicle Four; The Bubonic Builders; Silent But Deadly; Attack of the Zombie Nits; The In-Spectres Call; School Spooks Day; Ghoul Dinners and French Frights.

Please Note: this product does not require age classification, but some texts include expressions, themes or elements that may be considered inappropriate for young children.

  • Overview

    Collect items and unlock bonus content as you read! – Spot the leeches, rats, eyeballs, splats, spiders and cockroaches hidden within the pages! Collect them all to unlock extra character information and jokes.

    Character Information and Spooky Sound Effects! – click on the links in text to pop up more information or re-play a sound effect

    Comprehension Quizzes – At the end of each chapter test how much you have understood. Track your progress on how much you’ve read and your quiz scores

    Interact with the action from the story – Wipe away gunk and goo that appears on screen to continue reading.

    Share with Friends – Use the DS wireless connections to share a sample chapter with your friends and unlock bonus content!



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