Global Operations

Enter in to the world of specialised warfare.

Global Ops will put you in real world hot spots such as Chechnya, Sri Lanka, Beirut and the South China Seas. Each level seamlessly integrates building exteriors, interiors and terrain to create a realistic and palpable atmosphere that effectively recreates the location. Global Ops will feature over 25 elite fighting forces based on authentic special forces, peace keepers, rebel groups, guerilla forces and terrorist groups. The game will also feature a specialty class system for which players can choose from six customizable specialties including sniper, recon, medic and heavy gunner.
  • Overview

    Diverse maps.

    Battle in thirteen diverse conflict zones spanning the globe.

    Join elite forces.

    Join one of twenty-six elite fighting forces based on real-world special forces, peace keepers, rebel groups, guerilla forces.

    Wide variety of weapons.

    Arm yourself with one of 32 authentic weapons: handguns, sub-machine guns, shotguns, machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and more.

    Choose one of seven player specialties.

    Help your team by specialising in Reconnaissance, Commando, Medic, Heavy Weapons, Sniper, Demolitions or Intelligence.

    Equip yourself with all the tools of the trade.

    Grenades, night vision goggles, thermal vision, LAW (light antitank weapon) single shot rocket launcher, explosives and more are at your disposal.

    Multiple Special Ops mission types.

    Embark upon a wide variety of mission types, including hostage rescue, bomb defusing, territory control, escort, base destruction, assassination and assault/defend.

    Play online.

    Go online with up to 24 players or play alone against computer-controlled bots.

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