Knights Of Honor

Knights of Honor recreates the power struggles and rigors of running a Kingdom in an age of Chivalry. You will become King and use all of your skills to manage your Kingdom. Some are honorable and willing to fight alongside you. Some will stop at nothing to crush your Kingdom and the rest of Europe to attain their goal. Knights of Honor will allow you to play the game the way you want to play. Will you attempt to forge links with other rulers, by diplomacy, threats or a cleverly contrived Royal Marriage? Or will you take the route of a conqueror? Playing like a warlord will lead you to battle after battle as swords clash in enthralling combat. Playing like a diplomat will lead you to strong allies and a stable Kingdom. Playing a game of espionage will take cunning, patience and guile. Playing like a merchant will lead you to a Kingdom with overflowing coffers. Each action that you take will have consequences; it is up to you to deal with these as they arise. If there is a rebellion, you must stop it. One way or another. The decision of how you conquer Europe is at last thrust into your own hands. Knights can be tasked to fill numerous roles within the game, not only as the leaders of your armies but as Merchants, Spies, Builders and more. Each Knight can be made into a Governor of a specific realm, bringing their particular specialty into play and helping to boost certain aspects of your Kingdom. Placing your merchant as a Governor will improve the Realm's gold production for example. But it is not just all about the waging of war, your Knights can also follow a more religious path, allowing you to promote a cleric and have him look after the spiritual health of your people. If your cleric is educated enough he might even become a Pope, the Pope is an important man and can bring many benefits to your realm. If you are a Catholic kingdom you must take care of your Pope at all times. An Orthodox kingdom will fight for an independent church however so you must be careful how you handle the appointment of your Knights in this respect. With the easy to use Graphical User Interface and the addictive Gameplay of Knights of Honor you'll be able to indulge the armchair ruler within you. Conquering the whole of Europe has never been so much fun. The game brings this era to life with rich graphics and beautiful sound. Enthralling music sets the scene and adds to the atmosphere. Knights of Honor's mix of Real Time Strategy and out and out War game provides something for all kinds of players, bringing into the mix a much needed Simulation element.
  • Overview

    Managing a kingdom in all aspects
    Player must handle all Warfare, Economy, Espionage, Religion and Diplomacy in their land.

    Play how you want to play
    Player can choose freely his focus, which is up to his style of preference.

    Choose your time zone
    Three entry periods (early, late, high), each with a totally different political situation and about 100 playable kingdoms and more than 150 provinces with an own economic system.

    Huge maps
    Featuring one of the largest maps ever seen, with Europe from Scandinavia to North Africa and from Portugal to the Ural / Middle East. 3 different geographical regions and different architectural styles: Western European, Eastern European and Arabian. No loading time, seamlessly scrolling.

    Choose the religion of your people
    4 different religions: Catholic, Orthodox, Islam and Pagan. Each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

    6 types of Knights each for special objectives in the game
    Marshal, Spy, Merchant, Landlord, Builder and Cleric. In specific cases your Clerics can act as Eastern Patriarchs or the Pope himself. Marshals can earn experience and upgraded with new or better skills, out of 20 available, to give bonuses to his armies and lead them to total victory.

    More than 30 military unit types
    More than 30 military unit types and siege weaponry at the player's disposal. Some are exclusively to specific regions, such as Templar or Longbow man. Unique battle system with morale, group control, formations and other tactical elements. 10 different battle types such as Town Assault, Camp Assault, Open Battlefield, and River Crossing etc.

    Spy on your enemies!
    Espionage allows spies to infiltrate other kingdoms and do clandestine actions, such as making army to revolt or handing over town keys, up to assassinating the king.

    Resources for Kingdom bonuses
    Unique resource needs to be collected to switch on Kingdom advantages, which will give a bonus to the entire kingdom.

    Test your diplomacy skills
    Complex but easy to use diplomacy system with advanced agreement proposals, including vassality, alliances, trade agreements etc. Marriages are also possible and can become a very valuable asset.

    Four different multiplayer modes
    Multiplayer with four different game modes and up to 6 players. Including Historical Battles, Quick Battle, Castle Assault and a completely unique "Tower Mode".

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