You will have the chance to defeat the greatest lineup of hoop stars ever assembled.

Old School meets New School when Wilt, Magic and Dr. J and a cast of 25 NBA Legends with signature moves meet to challenge you alongside over 150 current NBA players.

You will have a formidable arsenal at your hands, with brand new high flying dunks, killer dribbles and the slickest passes you have ever seen. Enter the authentic all new urban worlds that have been created and begin to take up the challenge to become the greatest player of all time.

The multiplayer option allows you to battle friends or team up and take on the world that is NBA Street Vol. 2.

PlayStation 2
  • Overview

    Challenge The Best Players Of All Time

    25 NBA legends complete with their original jerseys and their signature moves! - Dr. J, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Moses.

    The Country’s Best Courts

    7 AUTHENTIC urban worlds that recreate the feel and grit of the true street game ex. Soul in the Hole, NY, Boys Harbour (Finding Forrester).

    All New Electrifying Moves

    In addition to the spectacular dunks, dribbles and passes that you’ve come to expect from NBA Street, you’ll be able to pass the ball off the backboard – to yourself or a teammate for the alley oop. You’ll be able to make your opponent look like a chump by passing the ball off the heezay (his head) and you can actually be the oop! Pass the ball to another player, retaining control of the player without the ball. You can use the option to alley oop the ball to yourself.


    School your opponent big time with the spectacular multiple character animated Gamebreaker3. You also have the option to pocket Gamebreakers for use later on in the game.

    My Rules

    Customize how YOU want to play the game.

    Multiplayer Option

    Play against the CPU, friends or team up against the best players in the world (1-4 players).

    Enhanced Create-a-Player Mode

    You will be able to earn and unlock new moves for your created player.

    Spectacular New Animations

    Over 500 new animations. New 360 degree rendering allows for infinite number of camera angles.

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