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ao2-master-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 29/03/2013

Army Of TWO The Devil’s Cartel – Overkill Mode | PWNED March 2013


Sian Welby speaks to Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel producer Greg Rizzer about Alpha and Bravo’s deadly Overkill mode. Greg puts himself in the shoes of an unfortunate NPC and tells us what he’d do if he saw the TWO agents heading his way.

The Overkill system works by rewarding players Overkill for working co-operatively. Once triggered, the players are invincible, don’t have to reload, and are granted unlimited ammo. In a game that encourages players to use cover, Overkill lets players go in all guns blazing. For even more carnage, players can activate Double Overkill.

When both players have Overkill initiated, even more destruction is possible. Players can also use Overkill in tandem to maximise their time putting enemies on the ropes. You can come up with Overkill strategies of your own as Army Of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel is out now.

  • AoT: The Devil’s Cartel AoT: The Devil’s Cartel

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