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pwned-new-masters-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 30/10/2012

Battlefield 3: Aftermath, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Medal of Honor Warfighter | PWNED October 2012


This week on PWNED, Matt heads to the EA Showcase to chat about upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC Aftermath

We get an exclusive demo of Need for Speed Most Wanted's Kinect functionality at Criterion Studios.

Sian and Matt play at being real life soliders in the name of Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath
At the EA Showcase in London, Matt talks to Battlefield 3 producer Craig McLeod about the new DLC, Aftermath. Craig walks us through the new Scavenger mode, the addition of crossbows, and even gives us a hint of what's coming for Battlefield 3: Endgame.

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Need for Speed Most Wanted
Matt heads to Criterion's Studios in Guildford to talk to Need for Speed Most Wanted producer Chris Roberts about Kinect functionality on the new racer, and gets an exclusive demo of the voice control system for Most Wanted's EasyDrive menu, open world, and on the fly camera controls.

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Medal of Honor Warfighter Airsoft
Matt and Sian headed out onto the field of battle for a Medal of Honor Warfighter airsoft event, where they try out a few of the game's features in real life, including the multiplayer Hotspot Mode, door breaches, and blowing up MCOM stations.

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Also, watch the first episode of The Boot Room to learn about FIFA 13 Complete Dribbling Tips.

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