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spawnpoint-master-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 14/05/2012

Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, Alice, Mass Effect, Dead Space | SpawnPoint 03


This week Matt Cuttle fronts SpawnPoint - your weekly three-minute round-up of the best community-created content startling the internet right now

On this show we'll be braving the battlefield, surviving in space, getting some alone time with Alice and lots of other things that may or may not alliterate.

Only in Battlefield 3 - PC Montage by The Sentinel [YouTube]

Eagles vs Stalin? by BirgirPall [deviantART]

Battlefield 3 by ~SyntheticParadox [deviantART]

Battcrysis 3 by *sob666 [deviantART]

Mass Effect's Jack by SabryN7 [Twitter]

Mass Effect's Tali by Sabryn7 [Twitter]

The Simdicate Project by TheSyndicateProject [YouTube]

with my lovely horse by ~CaptainCacaoCaptainCacao [deviantART]

Isaac Clarke - 08 - by ~Outlanders [deviantART]

Crysis Nanosuit by anthonyle247 [YouTube]

N7 outfit by Annafischer [flickr]

Battlefield Series Theme Violin by Kevolin07 [YouTube]

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