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endgame-news.png POSTED BY EA News ON 5/03/2013

DICE Unleashes Battlefield 3: End Game - Get Ready For Even More Lethal High Speed Action


Battlefield 3: End Game, the fifth and final digital expansion pack for Battlefield 3, is now available for Battlefield 3 Premium members on PlayStation 3.

In Battlefield 3: End Game, gamers battle on four new breathtaking maps inspired by each of the four seasons, including Kiasar Railroad and Operation Riverside. Gamers can jump in the seat of the speedy new dirt bike and two AA vehicles to get behind enemy lines, or use the new dropship, which can quickly turn the tide in battle by rapidly deploying air drops of troop transports. In addition to this, gamers will enjoy the return of two classic game modes, Capture the Flag and Air Superiority. In Capture the Flag gamers have to coordinate lightning fast attacks and defenses, while in Air Superiority they take to the sky and engage in massive dog fights. With five new assignments, 16 dog tags and five trophies and achievements, Battlefield 3: End Game is the exhilirating and epic capstone on the award-winning Battlefield 3 experience.

Battlefield 3: End Game Release Schedule:

Battlefield 3 Premium members - March 12th for Xbox 360 and PC
Battlefield 3 players - March 19th for PlayStation 3, March 26th for Xbox 360 and PC.

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    Visit the official Battlefield 3: End Game website to learn more about the game.