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BF3-Free-Origin-News-UK.png POSTED BY EA News ON 29/05/2014

Battlefield 3 For PC Now Free - Only On Origin

Battlefield 3 for free? That’s right, your Origin library just got a lot more firepower!

Battlefield 3 for PC is the newest game to join our On the House program, which means for a very limited time, Battlefield 3 is completely free. The only thing you need to do is add the game to your library and it’s all yours to keep and download whenever you want.

To reiterate: Battlefield 3 for PC is one hundred percent free for one week. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbours. Tell your local barista. Let as many people know about Battlefield 3 On the House: More people grabbing a free copy means more players out there in the multiplayer warzone to partner up with or fight against.

Even if you’re not ready to download it yet, just add it to you Origin game library. Once you do that it’s all yours for keeps and you can install it whenever you want.

Remember, Battlefield 3 will only be On the House until June 3rd, 10am PDT. After that, it returns to its original store price on Origin. That means, stop reading this right now and add Battlefield 3 to your game library. Right. This. Second.

Already a Battlefield 3 PC owner? No problem, Plants vs. Zombies for PC and Mac is also On the House. Same rules apply: It’s completely free. Add it and you own it. Download it anytime you want.


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