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spawnpoint-master-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 8/05/2012

Mass Effect, Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, Portal 2 | SpawnPoint 02


Sian Welby brings us the latest episode of SpawnPoint.

No, it's not the in meeting place for frogs, it's a leisurely stroll through what the EA fandom has been up this past seven days.

Coming up, we'll be scouting out the finest community-made videos on the net this week, we've got some rather lovely fan art plus your chance to win some Mass Effect gear so sexy, it makes an episode of Amatuer Asari Home Videos look tame - and that show's really quite blue.

Blue. Asari. Nevermind...

Reignite - Mass Effect/Shepard Tribute Song by Malukah [YouTube]

Portal 2 - If I Were A Core (Beyonce - If I Were A Boy Parody) by Harry101uk [YouTube]

Mass Effect Garrus Fan Art by Ornia [deviantART]

Battlefield 3 Watercolour Art by RV5T3M [deviantART]

Crysis 3 Fan Art by ZeyronDesigns [deviantART]

Mass Effect: Then and Now by Arkis [deviantART]

ME3 Garrus: Scoped and Dropped by [deviantART]

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